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Two words: Game. Changer. When you begin your TYW booking, you'll notice that your professional skipper is included, and you have the option of also adding a hostess. While optional, most crews do book a hostess, and the ones that don't end up wishing they had booked one.

There are many factors to consider, the most common ones being cost and space. You may take a look at the additional cost and think you're perfectly capable of cooking for yourselves. Or maybe you'd like to have just one more friend join instead of giving the spot to another staff member. These things may be true, but trust me: Book the hostess anyway!

Why? Let me count the ways...but first, take a look at the above photos again. Scrumptious.


  1. Eat Well. No one wants to eat spaghetti and meat sauce everyday (Yes, this happens, and it sucks). Think you'll run out of ideas for 6 different breakfasts, 6 lunches, 2 dinners, 6 midday snacks, and tasty, surprise beverages? Your hostess won't. As a matter of fact, she'll work with your preferences/allergies and plan a wonderfully, varied menu for you!

  2. Sleep In. Who in your crew wants to volunteer to be first up early every morning to get breakfast ready while everyone else sleeps in? Who will reliably do this? A hostess will! Trust me, nothing beats everyone being able to wake up to the smell of bacon, walking out to a fresh fruit platter and having coffee at the ready.

  3. Stay Tidy. In addition to handling grocery shopping and meal prep, the hostess will also help keep your common areas and bathrooms tidy. Ever clean up after a major party, hungover, on a boat? It's not fun, so why not have some help!

  4. Meet the Ratio. To help keep a well balanced experience, as more yachts are booked for a given week, you'll notice that gender ratios are enforced. For example, a booking may require the crew be at least 40% female. It's pretty common for groups to have a difficult time meeting the gender ratios with their bookings. Adding a hostess, though, will count towards your crew's female percentage.

  5. Enjoy Your Vacation. Even if one of your friends is a chef (like my friend Natashia Norin of Something Soigne), they'll appreciate not having to work on their vacation to keep everyone happy and well fed. It's really great to have another Yacht Week professional on board to handle some of the more mundane aspects of managing a crew, who can assist your skipper, and can allow you to focus on the fun and having the best vacation of your lives!



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