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Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Aerial view of Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, Porto Heli. Photo Credit: Pablo Oriol Valls, IG: @the_photo_cubicle

The first 3 questions I'm usually asked about The Yacht Week is "What were the parties like, what parties were worth getting table service for, and how much did they cost?"

Through the official Day 8 app, we were able to book tables through TYW staff for three venues: Nikki Beach, Cavo Bianco, and Omilos. The best venue and party experience was the Pool Party at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa, and this is what I recommend as the must-do for table service. Go all out for it! Cavo Bianco comes in second for pure convenience and cost effectiveness compared to buying individual drinks at the bar, and Omilos I mark as a maybe. If there's room in your budget, go for it; but my group didn't find a table at Omilos to be necessary. Take a look at the table below of Frequently Asked Questions for more information on venues.

While those are the parties that had table bookings available through the Yacht Week, they weren't the only parties of the week! Each evening that we were docked in a marina, there was a late-night bar or club where everyone could continue the fun. See the below table of all the parties, after-parties, and bars. Then, continue to read on below for more details about the main venues, prices, and overall experiences!

*A small note on the vaguely mentioned After Party in Ermioni. I honest to goodness cannot remember nor find the name of the bar on GoogleMaps; but it's right across from where all the yachts are docked at the marina, just behind the Souvlaki bar where you're likely to grab some gyros for dinner!



The girls and me at Love Bay, Poros for the Tropical Retro Party. Photo Credit: Monina, IG: @its_monina

On Sunday morning (Day 2) we took an early sail to the island of Poros. Upon docking at the marina, we had time for lunch, rented ATVs to explore the island and got ready for the Tropical Retro Beach party at Love Bay. The party started roughly around 3pm, and water taxi's were provided free from the marina to Love Bay. Due to our late ATV rides, we ended up just taking a couple of regular ol' land taxis though after water taxi service stopped.

Love Bay was really cute; there was a little tiki bar serving giant margarita buckets, a beer cart, and a little dance floor with TYW DJs. We were able to sit at any of the available tables and lounge chairs, mix and mingle with the other crews, and walk straight into the water when it was time to cool off from the intense Grecian sun. Compared to Croatia's Tropical Retro Party at Fort George, this was a much more laid back and relaxed environment. Don't forget - bring tropical retro swimwear to this party!

Later that night, after watching the World Cup, we all met up at a club/bar called Millenium on the other side of the marina and danced late into the night!



After another early morning sail on Monday for Day 3, the yachts gathered and created a raft together at Porto Heli. This is where we went all out for the Nikki Beach Pool Party and booked a poolside table. The party started around 3pm, and lasted well into the evening after sunset. It’s a beautiful venue, the table minimums were totally worth it, and I couldn't imagine not having a place to put our things for the day. We even ordered their giant sushi boat to chow down on; it was around 230€, and was absolutely delicious! My group had poolside table #308 which was far enough away from the bar (and people splashing water) and had great views of the sunset and yacht raft for awesome pictures!

The girls and me at our poolside table. Check out that view! Photo Credit: Pablo Oriol Valls, IG: @the_photo_cubicle

Here's the layout and table prices that were provided via the Day 8 app.

Nikki Beach Layout 2018. Venue layout & prices subject to change . Source: The Yacht Week, Day 8 App.

My group had table 308, and for roughly 1160€, we purchased: 4 bottles of rum, 2 bottles of champagne, 1 bottle of gin, assorted mixers, a giant sushi boat, and a sandwich.

This night, the yachts stayed rafted together out in the bay, but there was the option of booking a room at the resort for the night.



Day 5 took us to the island of Ermioni and the Riviera Chic Party at Cavo Bianco. This was a small venue that is a very short walk back to the yachts (think a 1 minute slow stroll). My group selected Oceanside Ledge L6, which was literally just a ledge along the side that had room to put a bucket of ice and the bottles on, and there were no chairs for sitting, as there’s no space or need for those. This was more of a dance party, so there weren't any bad spots in the whole place!

The girls and me at our poolside table. Check out that view! Photo Credit: Pablo Oriol Valls, IG: @the_photo_cubicle

Here's the layout and table prices that were provided via the Day 8 app.

Cavo Bianco Layout 2018. Venue layout & prices subject to change . Source: The Yacht Week, Day 8 App.

We had a beautiful view of the ocean, so we took some time to look out and appreciate the beauty.

The view from our Oceanside Ledge. Photo Credit: KJ, IG: @k2twin2

The booths were nice to visit, but I don’t think I’d get a booth even if I went back again. We were up and about socializing a lot by that part of the week; and at least for my group, that would have been way more alcohol than we needed or could have shared, especially given the proximity to the yachts where we pre-gamed quite nicely. Was it worth getting bottle service? Definitely, purely for the convenience of mixing your own drinks, and cost effectiveness compared to buying drinks at the bar.

My group had table L8, and for roughly 390€, we purchased: 2 bottles of Jose Cuervo tequila and 1 bottle of Grey Goose vodka with assorted mixers. Also, at this venue they have you settle your initial bill before the party really gets going, but you can walk right up to the bar to order more bottles of liquor as needed.

Afterwards, our crew walked over to a place called Souvlaki Bar, which serves the best gyros around. Our hostess was a doll and went over and ordered ahead so all the gyros were waiting for us when we got to their outdoor seating area! There was a bar just behind Souvlaki bar where people continued dancing and drinking late into the night.



Day 6 is were we spent the day in Hydra which was a great town for jewelry shopping and swimming at this popular rocky beach. The evening kicked off with a Sunset Dinner, after which crews headed down to their yachts for a quick pregame for the night's (and the week's) big final party at a venue called Omilos. This party was Thursday night for us, sometime after 9 or 10pm, and things definitely hit a fever pitch as everyone realized that it would be the last big night of partying with all of the crews together. The space was very small and intimate with a bar on the far wall, a few tables indoors, and several tables and seating areas outside.

Here's the layout and table prices that were provided via the Day 8 app.

Omilos Layout 2018. Venue layout & prices subject to change . Source: The Yacht Week, Day 8 App.

My group opted not to get a table this night, as we had quite a bit of alcohol to work our way through on the yacht. After taking stock of the venue, I personally would have gotten one of the outdoor long tables such as Q1. While it was away from the amazing music and dance vibes indoors, it was perfectly situated by the doorway so it served as a great home base to catch people both coming and going. Also, on our week the air conditioning in the venue was either broken or not working well for the number of people there so it was also a great place to get some fresh air when it got too hot indoors. I have been told that the venue is usually air conditioned, so take that all with a grain of salt!



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I hope you found this post on TYW Greece Party Venues & Table Service helpful. I'm working diligently on some upcoming Detailed Spotlights on: Menu Planning & Grocery Shopping, Prices in Greece & Budgeting, and an overall Trip Review. So, stay tuned!

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