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Well, I did a thing! I have officially launched Optimize Travel, a boutique travel planning & consulting company.

After reading my very first blog post here, a friend said to me, “If you have a skill, why give your knowledge away for free? You’re really good at this whole travel planning thing.” I had others tell me that the way I wrote about my trips (as few as the posts have been) have been really informative and made my trips and the planning involved to pull them off well, seem really approachable. That’s all that I ever wanted out of starting this blog – that by presenting information about my trips, I could help others feel like travelling and planning the big trip they've always wanted is totally within reach.

Even still, people do lead really busy lives. Between work, wedding planning, kids, and the many other time constraints of day-to-day life, finding the time to really put together a trip for yourself and your family can be really challenging, even with the best tips and tricks available to read about. Since I love travel planning so much, I figured why not continue to help people, but in a more direct way. So, I have officially launched Optimize Travel – so you can research less, and relax more. I function more than just that of a typical travel agency – yes, if you already know exactly what you want and what you’d like to book, I can do that for you through my agent portal. If, however, you just have an idea of what you might like to do and need help really constructing and fleshing out a plan...well, that’s my specialty, and I do that, too! Besides my own experience and trip planning, I am part of a network of 1000’s of other travel consultants and hundreds of vendors to draw experience from no matter where you’d like to go.

Since starting just 3 months ago, I have already crafted 4 honeymoons, 3 small group trips, and a few family cruises, with several more already in progress. I'm loving every minute of it!

Check out my website where you can find specials on cruises and pre-packaged trips and tours. If you would like help with planning a custom tailored trip, then fill out the Contact form, and I’ll set up a complimentary consultation with you to get started.

Also, please follow Optimize Travel Consulting on Facebook to see deals and specials as they come up, and if you encounter anyone who could use the help, don't forget to mention me!

Thanks to everyone for all the support so far, and I look forward to being able to get you travelling more.

With much love,


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